Cooking Fever – Mobile Game Review & WIN A CHOCOLATE HAMPER!!!

Posted: Jun 13, 2016 in Competition, cooking, Fudgecrumpet, funky nonsense, funny, Review, Review
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So, it seems that despite the curmudgeonly efforts of my generation, mobile phone games continue to be more than just Snake II, getting more advanced and fun with every passing day. The latest offering in the endless stream of games that my six-year old daughter, Megan will play at full volume next to my sleeping face at 5:30AM is Cooking Fever, a restaurant simulation game, that requires good time management and the ability not to get stressed.

So, who better to ask to review this game than Megan, on day release from her work down t’pit. (this is Yorkshire, after all)…


FUDGEY – So Meg, what is this game about?

MEGAN – This is a game where you are a chef in a busy cafe and you have to make all the food for the customers so they can give you money.


F – What sort of food do you get to cook?

M – There are lots of different cafes you can work in, but I’m still on the first one, where you can cook burgers, hot dogs, drinks and chips. You can also put lettuce or tomatoes on the burgers and ketchup on the hot dogs, and also there are cupcakes.


F – Sounds fun, is it?

M- I really enjoy it, but it gets very hard. Thank you for unlocking the automatic burger cooker for me, it saved me burning all the food.

(On the first level, if you save up gems, you can buy an automatic burger/hot dog cooker, which saves your food from burning due to overcooking – one of the more frustrating aspects of the game)


F – What else can you do besides cook and burn food?

M – You can upgrade your food machines, and if you have enough money you can make your restaurant look fancy with nice chairs and flower pots and a pinball machine.


F – What are the graphics like? From what I’ve seen they’re very colourful and fun.

M – It is colourful and looks pretty but some of the customers’ faces are annoying, especially when they get fed up because you burnt their dinner.

F – Some of the customers do look like they need a slap.

M – Yeah!

F – Anything else you can tell me about the game?

M – There is a fruit machine so you can win more coins or gems. I don’t like that because I never win.


M – Also, if you save up enough coins and gems you can do a restaurant for a football team (who are famous)

F – *blank look*

M – Yeah.


F- Do you recommend this game then? How many out of ten?

M – I do! Forty four hundred out of ten!

F – Yay!

Cooking Fever is available on Android or iPhone or whatever device you have, and you can get it for free by clicking HERE.

and now for the COMPETITION!!!!


The lovely people at TAMBA are celebrating the release of Cooking Fever by offering one of my lovely readers (yes, you are lovely) a chance to win a fantastic chocolate hamper, chock full of yummy things that I’m not allowed on my diet.

All you have to do to win is visit THIS RAFFLECOPTER PAGE, follow the simple instructions (following a few different social media links, tweeting about the competition to your friends, that sort of thing. Yes, I know I should know how to embed the comp into my blog post, but I’m just. not. that. clever) and you’re well on your way to filling your tummy with sugar and cocoa.

Competition ends on the 26th June 2016, one winner will be decided at random, then you might have to wait up to 28 days for your prize to arrive (although Tamba inform me it should be a week at best).


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