Little Party Parcels – Unboxing Fun!

Posted: Jun 18, 2016 in Fudgecrumpet, Kids, Review, Review
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Those lovely people over a Little Party Parcels sent us a sample box full of the different pre-filled party bags they offer, in an effort to remove one of the most costly and faffy parts of organising a kids’ birthday party – the filling of little bags with little toys and nonsense, so that they might go home and make a mess in their own bloody house…


Gem and I always get in a fight when it comes to party bags, I always think girls should be allowed to have little army men with parachutes and water pistols, she seems to think pencils and lip balms are more fun. She is wrong obviously. Anyway, no need for that argument ever again…

I present to you our unboxing video. I apologise in advance for the terrible editing and bits where I look super-creepy.

Enjoy that? Good.

You can find out more about Little Party Parcels HERE, follow them on TWITTER, FACEBOOK, PINTEREST and GOOGLE+.


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