Book Review – Dotty Detective

Posted: Jun 26, 2016 in book, book review, Fudgecrumpet, Kids, Review, Review
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Meg has helped me to review Dotty Detective by Clara Vulliamy, a story about a super secret agent and her pet dog called McClusky.


I interrupted Megan’s busy schedule of doing whatever 6-year-olds do and asked her all about the book.

FUDGEY – Hey Meg, What’s this book about then?
MEG – It is about Dotty (who is a detective) and her friend Beans. She has a dog called McClusky and together they try to solve the great Laura and the Talent Show Mystery.

FUDGEY – Can you tell me about this Laura and the Talent Show Mystery?
MEG – There is a naughty girl, called Laura Drew and she wants to sabotage the talent show and make it so she wins.

FUDGEY – Well, that’s not very nice.
MEG – No, but Dotty and Beans sort it out in the end and help their friend Amy.

FUDGEY – Was the book easy to read?
MEG – It was, I had no trouble at all. It is kind of like a diary and had loads of different types of writing and pictures and things to keep it interesting.

FUDGEY – What sorts of pictures?
MEG – Dotty likes putting photos in the story and drawing pictures and there are clues and things. Not just a boring story with pictures every so often.

FUDGEY – Would you want to read the next book, which comes out next month?
MEG – Yes I would, there is the first chapter in the back of the book, and I think it sounds cool.

FUDGEY – Would you recommend this book to your friends?
MEG – I would, but I don’t think any of they will read it because they are very busy.

FUDGEY – Does this book make you want to be a detective?
MEG – I think being a detective would be fun, but it looks like a lot of hard work and she has to keep everything a secret.

FUDGEY – Do you think McClusky is the best dog or do you think our dog Sheldon is the best?
MEG – I think Sheldon is better because McClusky ate all the cushions and got in a lot of trouble.

FUDGEY – So, marks out of 10 for Dotty Detective?
MEG – Ten. Million. and Ten.

FUDGEY – Thanks Meg.


You can find Dotty Detective on Amazon, and the sequel Dotty Detective and the Great Pawprint Puzzle is released on 28th July 2016.

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