Book Review – KATY by Jacqueline Wilson

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Jess is helping me with this review, Jacqueline Wilson’s Katy, a modern retelling of Susan Coolidge’s What Katy Did, telling the story of Katy Carr, an adventurous girl who suffers a terrible accident and has to come to terms with both her disability and her changed attitude towards her friends and family.


So, without further ado, with the smell of bacon coming out of the kitchen, let’s go…

FUDGEY – So, Jess, tell me about Katy.
JESS – Katy is a story about a girl who is the eldest sister and is a bossy tomboy who ends up having an accident and falls off a rope-swing. She ends up in hospital and finds out that she won’t be able to walk again, and she tries really hard to get used to it, and to be a better person to her friends and family.

FUDGEY – What happens with Katy’s accident, is that right at the start of the book?
JESS – No, it doesn’t happen until about halfway through and I was really shocked and a bit upset. The rope-swing breaks and she falls, then it takes about three chapters before you even realise what has happened. I know it was really well written, but it was very upsetting and I didn’t really like it.

FUDGEY – So, from that point, the book stops being fun and gets sad?
JESS – Not exactly, Katy is really sad and fed up for a long time, but eventually she comes to terms with her disability and things start to improve. By the end of the book, things are – well, they’re not back to normal, but they are much more positive.

FUDGEY – This book is based on a very old book called What Katy Did, and uses a lot of the same character names, just updated to modern times. Would this book encourage you to find the original story?
JESS – Maybe, I think this book might be easier to understand because Katy is a modern girl, and there are references to the internet and proper hospitals and stuff. The old book sounds like it would be really old fashioned, like from before people had phones and that.

FUDGEY – So this makes the original story more relatable?
JESS – Yes. Also, Katy is the eldest sister just like me.

FUDGEY – Do you think this book helps you to understand a little more about disability and how it makes people feel?
JESS – It really does. I know how upsetting reading about it can be, and how strong you have to be to get through it. I think it makes me think people in wheelchairs are actually really brave and strong.


FUDGEY – Does the book have pictures?
JESS – It has little illustrations at the start of each chapter, which look nice. Some of them make no sense until after you’ve read the chapter though, which I think is weird.

FUDGEY – The original What Katy Did book has a bunch of sequels, following Katy as she continues on with her life. Would you read those?
JESS – I would like to know how Katy’s adventures continue, especially now she is more positive about things.

FUDGEY – Would you recommend reading this book to your friends?
JESS – I don’t know. It really upset me when Katy had her accident, and I don’t know if my friends would like that. If you’re a mum or dad, I’d suggest reading the book first to check it was appropriate.

FUDGEY – Should I have done that for you?
JESS – No, because you are a big wuss and it would have made you cry.

FUDGEY – Thanks, Jess.


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