Book Review – RENT A BRIDESMAID by Jacqueline Wilson

Posted: Jun 26, 2016 in book, book review, Fudgecrumpet, Kids, Review, Review
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Jess is helping me to review Jacqueline Wilson’s Rent A Bridesmaid, which is quite possibly the pinkest book I’ve ever looked at. It follows the adventures of Tilly, a 9-year-old girl who gets given a beautiful pink bridesmaid dress and then rents out her services as a bridesmaid to a whole manner of different couples, with the ultimate dream of being bridesmaid at her Dad’s wedding.


FUDGEY – Right then Jess, tell me about Rent a Bridesmaid…
JESS – This book is about Tilly, who lives with her Dad (her Mum left them ages ago). She gets given a bridesmaid dress by her friend Matty and she ends up putting an advert up so she can rent out herself as a bridesmaid at loads of different types of weddings.

FUDGEY – You said to me when you started reading this book, that it takes a while to get going and you were a bit bored at the start?
JESS – Yeah, it spends a long time telling you about the characters and everything before getting to the plot. I think it could have been made a lot shorter and got to the weddings faster.

FUDGEY – What different types of weddings does she end up going to?
JESS – She starts by going to the wedding of a nice old lady, then a gay couple, then a lady who wants loads of bridesmaids and one day she hopes she will be the bridesmaid at her Dad’s wedding.

FUDGEY – Is it a funnier book than the last one you read (Katy, by the same author)?
JESS – Yeah, there are still sad bits but this doesn’t have anything as upsetting as that book. The saddest bits in this are about Tilly’s mum not being around, and how her Dad is unhappy. There are some bits with nasty people too, being mean, but usually Tilly comes out the best.

FUDGEY – Does the book make you think about how there are lots of different types of relationship?
JESS – Well, I think that even though all the different couples are different, it doesn’t really matter as long as they are all happy.

FUDGEY – Very right-on, Jess. Good. Does this book make you want to be a bridesmaid?
JESS – I think it does a bit, yeah, it sounds like a lot of fun.

FUDGEY – I noticed there are a load of puzzles and things at the back of the book, are they fun?
JESS – Yeah, there’s a quiz, wedding facts, puzzles and all sorts. It was a really nice reward for finishing the book.

FUDGEY – Would you recommend this book to your friends?
JESS – Yeah, I think they’d like it a lot. It has a nice happy ending.

FUDGEY – What about the pictures?
JESS – It has lots of little pictures throughout the book (not just at the start of the chapter), they really make it easier to read because it breaks up the writing.

FUDGEY – Thanks Jess.


You can pick up your own copy of Rent a Bridesmaid on Amazon.

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