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Meg has helped me to review the first book in the Adventures of Pug series: Captain Pug – The Dog Who Sailed the Seas by Laura James. A story about a posh lady’s pet dog who finds himself going on a seafaring adventure, despite being afraid of water.


So, without futher ado, and with some chocolate based bribery, I got Meg to spill the beans on this exciting pug-venture.

FUDGEY – So, Captain Pug, what’s that about?
MEG – Pug belongs to Lady Miranda, a posh little girl who has servants and everything. In this book she dresses Pug up as a sailor and they go to ride on a pedalo, but then Pug gets lost on a bus and he has to become a famous sailor before he can go back to Lady Miranda.

FUDGEY – So, what sort of adventures does he get up to?
MEG – After he gets accidentally Pug-napped, he meets some rowers and then goes on a Pleasure Cruiser, and then ends up on a massive ocean liner. He is afraid of water, but gets braver and braver as the story goes on.

FUDGEY – How posh is Lady Miranda?
MEG – She has a housekeeper called Wendy and two Running Footmen who carry her around in a sedan chair, which is like a box with handles that gets lifted around. I think she is a bit spoiled.

FUDGEY – The book has some very pretty pictures, what do you think about them?
MEG – They are really good, and Pug looks cute. I think sometimes he looks a little too sad.

FUDGEY – Is Pug a funny character?
MEG – He is a bit funny. He wants to impress Lady Miranda by becoming a famous sailor captain but he is just scared every time he goes near water, and then when he does get brave, Lady Miranda decides he needs to dress up in a different outfit and have a different ‘job’.

FUDGEY – Another ‘job’? Would that be the next book Cowboy Pug?
MEG – Yes. That comes out in January and you said you’d get it for me.

FUDGEY – I probably did say that. We’ll ask your mother. What sort of adventures do you think he’ll have as a cowboy?
MEG – I don’t know. I think he’ll start out being rubbish at it and silly but will be good at it by the end.

FUDGEY – So, are you going to recommend this book to all your friends?
MEG – I think so, a lot of them like dogs and this book is really fun.

FUDGEY – Which dog is best, Pug or our dog, Sheldon?
MEG – I think Sheldon is best but he doesn’t like wearing outfits.


You can find Captain Pug on Amazon.

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