Book Review – Tiger Days and the Secret Cat

Posted: Jul 1, 2016 in book, book review, Fudgecrumpet, Kids, Review
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Another day, another book review from Meg. This is Tiger Days and the Secret Cat by Sarah Lean. A story about a young girl called Tiger Days and a cat that is secret…. So, yeah, Meg read it, not me. I thought it’d be a book about a tiger.

So, with my initial disappointment as to a lack of tigers fading, I asked Meg all about the book.
FUDGEY – Right then. Is this book not about tigers then?

MEG – NO! Stop asking! It’s about a little girl called Tiger Days. She does like tigers and all animals though. 

FUDGEY – What does she get up to then?

MEG – She goes to stay with her granny who looks after all the animals. She learns how to look after them and gives them all names and things. 

FUDGEY – What sorts of animals?

MEG – The best one is a warthog, which is like an ugly pig. Tiger Days doesn’t like it at first because it looks horrible but she learns to love it.

FUDGEY – …and I assume there’s a cat of some kind?

MEG – A secret cat, yeah. She looks after that too.

FUDGEY – Is it a funny book? 

MEG – It isn’t as funny as some books you’ve got me, but there are funny bits. I like it though, it is nice and about friendship and that sort of thing.

FUDGEY – Do you like it? I noticed you were reading this to yourself, so I guess that means it is good?

MEG – I read it myself, and Jess read some with me one night. It is easy to read and has some nice pictures.

FUDGEY – Would you recommend this to your friends, then?

MEG – I would probably. 

FUDGEY – and there are definitely no tigers?

MEG – Shut up Daddy!

So that’s me told.

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