Percy Jackson & Capture The Flag

Posted: Aug 19, 2016 in book, Fitness
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It’s not a nice day today, but if it were, I would heartily encourage you to get your socks and shoes on and heading outside for a bit of a run about with the kids.

To publicise the latest Percy Jackson book, the lovely PR people are encouraging everyone to get outside and play Capture The Flag, a game made popular in the first book in the series Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief, following the adventures of the teenage demi-god as he mucks about getting involved in all sorts of magical shenanigans.

Taking as many children as you can gather parental consent to use, this is a team game that involves running about stealing flags from an opposing team’s base, with contact limited to tagging the ‘enemy’ players.

The kids had a lot of fun (I didn’t get permission to include photos of their friends, and none of them are photogenic anyway) and they were both hilariously purple and out of breath by the end of the game.

So, what I want you lot to do, besides go searching for the new Percy Jackson book, is to DOWNLOAD the instructions to this here game, find some friends willing to play, and get running about catching each other’s flags.

Have fun! I’m gonna go have a lay down now, as I’m knackered.

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