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Posted: Aug 30, 2016 in Fudgecrumpet
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Hello fellow mans!

You look like you need some helps finding a suitable place to put your frisky willy. I am here to help you with what I like to affectionately call ‘Fudgey’s Expert Dating Advice Blog’ or ‘FEDAG’ for short.

I will now pass on all the knowledge from inside my brain on how to find a lady to do a sex on.

1. Womens.

Womens are a type of human being that don’t have  a willy. Instead of a willy they have what is called a ladytwinkle. You may know it by another term, for example ‘Mimsy’ or ‘Grand Central Train Station’.

Womens are complicated creatures with emotions and feelings, and they like to think they have opinions and ideas. Obviously they don’t, because they are womens.

2. How to talk to a womens.

The best way to talk to a womens is to explain something to her. Womens love things being explained to them, because they don’t understand anything except for what a hem line is.

A womens will like to talk to you, because you are a white man and you are probably wearing a great t-shirt. Womens loves great t-shirts, especially with movie references that they need explaining, because womens like things being explained.

3. How to talk to a womens who doesn’t want to talks to you.

Womens like to think they are busy doing something else but they are wrong. The best way to talk to a womens who is pretending that they don’t want to talks to you is to wave at them and shout at them until they want to talks to you.

If she calls for help and runs away, she has something wrong with her mind and needs that explaining to her.

4. How to make a womens want to do a sex on you.

Because you are a white male in a great t-shirt, all womens want to do a sex on you. All you have to do is tell them you want to do a sex on them and they will do it.

Sometimes it is nice to ask nicely, but don’t try too hard because she might get confused. 

5. Top tips for dealing with womens.

A. Womens like horses.

B. Womens like beards.

C. Women like horses with beards.

D. Womens like shoes.

E. Horses wear shoes.

F. This is why womens like shoes.

6. Fenimims.

Some womens say they are fenimims. This means they don’t want you to open a door for them and sometimes they don’t want to do a sex on you.

They are mad. Run from the fenimims.

7. That is everything you need to know about womens.

If i have helped you do a sex, please buy me a coffee.

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