I’m back, baby!

Posted: Oct 11, 2016 in Fudgecrumpet
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So, after what can only be described as a hiatus (or ‘a period of doing other things and having a headache’) I’m back writing my blog using words and my fingers.

Apologies to all you coulrophobics out there, but this was the best pic I could find on my phone today.

You can just say you’ve missed me and not mean it. I won’t mind. I can live a lie. In fact, that’s probably easier all round.

What have we missed in the time I’ve been gone?

  • Amazon have started to clamp down on folk receiving random crap in exchange for reviews. Fortunately, the Chinese people haven’t been told (or they haven’t run their emails through whatever knock-off translation software that they use) so they continue to send me all sorts of nonsense. I tend to showcase all that on twitter now, and every day folk say “why does you get free stuff and not meE?”
  • The world got about 106% stupider thanks to the American election, with professional übergonk gropeyman Donald Trump and everyone’s favourite what is a conspiracy theory Hillary Clinton proving that everyone really just wants that furry short fella from MVP2 – Hail To The Chimp to be in charge. I think he was a mexican or something. He was very hairy.
  • I have somehow, despite vowing never to do so again, started organising another Twitter meet up, or #MeetOop. It’ll be in Leeds on the 24th Feb 2017, and remarkably, people have donated to a crowdfunder to pay for the venue and the first round of drinks. So that’s nice. I got some willy straws.

Anything else I missed? Probably. 

Ooh, I ended up reaching 100 subscribers on YouTube, which is the kind of milestone that most people reach within days. I am not bitter at all though, and made a celebratory clipshow just because I can…

…feel free to take that as a hint that I want more subscribers.

What else have I been up to?

  • Watched some movies, most were average. Some, particularly but not exclusively Ghostbusters, were more obsessed with delivering agendas than interesting stories. Others seem content with laying the groundwork for sequels rather than just getting on with things, Yes, I’m looking at both of you, Marvel and DC.
  • Read some comics. IDW’s Transformers MTMTE being consistently excellent, despite an Opal Fruits/Marathon/Jif/Emmerdale Farm renaming on the cards in the coming months.
  • Playing video games. The Bunker on PS4 is an interesting attempt at a Live Action video game, although it ultimately just feels like a CD-ROM interactive movie rather than an actual game. I tried out the new Playstation VR at Meadowhall at the weekend, and the ten minutes of Batman Arkham VR I played have definitely convinced me to strap a tiny telly to my head with some bat-ear headphones.
  • Had a vasectomy and developed athlete’s foot. These are unrelated conditions, and at different ends of my legs, so don’t worry.
  • Got a fancy microphone and some new cameras and lights. If I had something interesting to talk about then I could actually make some higher quality interweb content.
  • Other things. Probably. I’m not very interesting to be honest.

    And that’s you all up to date. Tomorrow I’m going to the dirty south to learn about Asbestos, so if I get bored on the 4 hour drive I might write some more.

    If you don’t already, why not follow me on Twitter, like the fanpage for my blog on facebook, subscribe on YouTube, send me cold, hard cash on Patreon… er… what else… yeah, if I don’t write something in the next few days please nag at me. Thanks. Don’t buy me a coffee because for some reason I’m locked out of my Paypal account and it’s gonna be a while before I sort that. But that’s a boring story that I can’t be bothered telling you. Or actually I just did tell you. I don’t know anymore.

    I do like writing my blog, I just hate the hour just after I’ve finished when my brain kicks in with all the funny things I should have written.

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