Morse Toad Chocolate Christmas Cards!

Posted: Dec 6, 2016 in Fudgecrumpet
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It’s that time of year again, when people inexplicably send a piece of card with a festive photo, and inside that card they write their name and it’s all supposed to mean something. 

You can see I’m not a fan of Christmas Cards in general. I think the main reason would be that beyond perhaps a hastily scrawled message, they mean nothing and just get put on a shelf until the 29th December which is the first recycle bin day after all the madness ends.

Well, I’ve found something better than all that, and by better I mean made of chocolate and with my face on it.

Welcome to the world of Morse Toad personalised chocolate cards…

“It’s a white box with a frog on it.” I hear you say. “What’s so good about that?”

Well, firstly the frog is wearing a top hat.

Secondly, when you open the box…

There’s a sexy photo of me, and a personalised message made out of chocolate! Oh yeah!

With their really simple to use website you just write down your message, upload a photo and then Robert is your Dad’s close friend who you refer to as an Uncle, even though you’re not really related.

The chocolate is apparently very tasty, Gem and the kids got there first but they TELL me it is very nice. The chocolate is Belgian, but I’ll let it off.

For £11 you get one row of chocolate for your message, £14 for two rows, £17 for three and if you can’t fit your message into four rows for £19 then maybe you need to try and be a bit more concise.

Adding the photo is £1 more, but I am very pretty so it’s worth it.

Morse Toad offer free delivery for orders over £10 and they aim to do next day delivery if you order by 1pm (and the boxes aren’t too big so you won’t have to go to the sorting office to pick the thing up if you miss Barry the Postman)

That’s a glowingly positive review isn’t it? Yeah, I like this. This means the three Christmas cards I actually send this year will actually be remembered. Great stuff.

As a special Fudgey bonus, if you enter the code HappyToadmas at the checkout, you get 10% off your order. (Expires Xmas Day)

Check out Morse Toad’s website right this second and I will be pleased.


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