Tidying Out The Mancave… furry condoms, win a blu-ray, other stuff

Posted: Jan 2, 2017 in Fudgecrumpet
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Hello all, today I am delving into my mancave in an attempt to have an organised personal space rather than a dangerously balanced pile of shit.

To keep myself from going bonkers, I’m going to share some of the wonderfully random crap I somehow seem to have possession of. 

Wish me luck…

So first piece of ‘treasure’ found is this…

Superdrug/Pasante ‘Party with a Bang’ box

I have no idea why this showed up in the post. It was addressed to ‘Fudgecrumpet‘ so I can only assume they wanted me to blog about it. I’ve been too busy doing <INSERT ACTIVITY>.

The box contains…

A selection of sample boxes for potential Christmas themed condoms, that they want folk to vote on for next Christmas’s safe supercuddles.

There’s fur-lined, ‘festive feast’ flavoured, ‘rudolph’ glowing and bauble textured (I assume that means glitter, I’m allergic to glitter). I think fur-lined would be best, but what that says about where I’d like to put my willy I’ll leave up to you.

Ooh I found this…

Unceremoniously dumped in the mancave because a new remastered blu-ray version just got released, the best movie of all the movies.

If anyone wants or needs this, email me on fudgeymail@gmail.com with a good reason why you deserve to own this. A good reason would be, for example “I donated to your Patreon” or “I want to introduce my child to a classic cartoon franchise”

What else is there…? Ooh yeah, this…

This here book by Asterios Kokkinos is an amazingly funny parody of toy catalogues and you should definitely buy it from Amazon and then read it and then put it in the bathroom to read again when you’re having a poo.

Ok… on a roll now, what’s next?

This is my blogging notebook that I pilfered from Jess. She doesn’t appreciate the quality and power of  happy glittery rainbow shit notebook. Every other page is a bad drawing of a robot.

Not sure why the Chinese people sent me these. I’m just waiting for people to stop being so angry about his election victory so I can use these for playful prankery rather than starting a riot.

Why are these in the mancave? That’s just silly.

Right, in conclusion…

  1. I need to buy some new shelves or something because these chinese plastic things are broken.
  2. I need to rent some serious excavation equipment before I try tidying the mancave again.
  3. I am having delicious chopped tomatoes as a snack.

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Bye bye x

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