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Posted: Jan 26, 2017 in Fudgecrumpet
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When everyone has gone to bed and I’m left with nothing much to do, I do enjoy a bit of the old YouTube to be inserted roughly into my eyes. Here are a couple of vids from my favourite channels, which I would encourage you to watch, subscribe, like and complain about, because I can’t spend every day writing about my feelings.

First on my list is this from House Of The Zed, enjoying the joys of Dora The Explorer, purely for what I can only assume are masochistic purposes.

I would also recommend checking out the various videos in which he plays Barbie games and gets annoyed. Oh, so annoyed.

Next would be my pal, Neal Veglio, with his new daily video diary charting his adventures as an jobless radio DJ. Think a less cringey Alan Partridge, without the toblerones.

The series has only been going 3 days so far, but it is very entertaining and kinda makes me hope he doesn’t actually get a job so he can continue this for a while longer.

This next one is less a recommendation, more a sharing of the suffering I have to deal with every morning when my 7yr old daughter Meg jumps on the bed with her iPad. This, and similar videos, played into my snoozing brain is quite possibly the cause of all my mental issues.

And finally, just because this exists and more people need to know this exists, here is the movie Tammy and the T-Rex, starring Paul Walker and Denise Richards. It is quite possibly the best movie you will ever see if you forget all the others exist.

So, that’s it. Enjoy that lot, and send me some of your own recommendations my way in the comments.

Find ME on YouTube HERE and give me a reason to go on living HERE.

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