Beer52’s Beer Buddy

Posted: Jan 27, 2017 in Fudgecrumpet
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Unless you have a really good pair of bosoms or a fancy moustache, making friends is quite hard to do nowadays.

This raises the problem of having nobody to drink with when you’re sat at home with your box of Beer52’s fancy craft beers. Not only is there nobody to talk to about general whatnot and such, there’s also that terrible stigma that accompanies someone sat at home in a reversible Superman/Batman dressing gown shouting “Dora is Mexico” to themselves.

Well, this is a problem that those lovely people at Beer52 have solved – an ‘interactive’ (not at all interactive) drinking buddy – The Beer Buddy.

Watch the trailer here to get a sample…

Sure, you might just say “This is just a trailer for a really long beer advert” to which I would say “Yes it is, don’t ruin the fun”

You can find the full 40 minute Beer Buddy video HERE and head across to Beer52 for all sorts of fancy beers sent to your house regularly. If you use the code FUDGECRUMPET10 you can get £10 off when you sign up.

So, now you have a fancy new digital friend, you don’t need me. I’m off to play Hatoful Boyfriend. Gotta love those sexy pigeons.

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