The Fudgecrumpet Waitangi Day Special

Posted: Feb 6, 2017 in Fudgecrumpet
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No, I don’t know what Waitangi Day is. My work diary just tells me that is today, and I have to have something as a title for this post otherwise it gets called <untitled> and I’m not a fan of pointy brackets because they remind me of IT lessons at school.

This picture is unrelated to anything written here. Sorry.

Anyway, hello! I’ve had a week off my blogging once a day thing (even longer if you count the weekends, which I don’t so shut up) so now I have to help you catch up on everything I wanted to write about last week but didn’t. 

Monday – I can’t remember what I was going to write about on Monday but I did have steak and cheese loaded nachos at Subway, and that was really nice.

Tuesday – I applied for loads of blogging assignments today and got annoyed that the only things available are for people who write about feelings, dating and family nonsense. I did manage to get a sample of some painkillers to review. So you can look forward to that. Yes, you can.

Wednesday – Urrrrg visited the mortgage lady because we are hoping to move house soon. Turns out I need to find about  £40,000 from somewhere. Any ideas? How much does a kidney get you? Maybe if I nag about my Patreon some more…

Thursday – Got pissed off with Twitter today and their obsessive politics honking. It has stopped being even cringeworthily funny now. Honk honk honk honk honk. Also, I got cross about ‘don’t share – copy and paste this into your status’ messages on Facebook and how people don’t realise that this is just a ploy to avoid the ‘Hide all from…’ option. Honk honk honk miserable boring bastards.

Friday – I watched the movie Passengers. It was incredibly pretty but very dumb. Needed a third character to literally unlock the third act and the spaceship seemed to have been designed by those aliens from Galaxy Quest. You get to see Chris Pratt’s bum and Jennifer Lawrence shows a bit of side-boob. Fairly average, both the movie and the aforementioned bum and side-boob.

Right. That’s it. Back to daily chuntering as of tomorrow.

Have a happy Waitangi Day, whatever that involves!


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