Meetoop 2017 – Damage Report

Posted: Feb 27, 2017 in Fudgecrumpet
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Morning. It’s Monday and raining, so I’m sat in my van sulking. So what better time to write about the surprisingly big party I organised on Friday?

Yeah, it was alright I suppose.

Nigh on 60 people, filling up about half of Aire Bar in Leeds, draining the crowdfunded bar tab within about 50 minutes, and having enough fun that the event made number two on the Top Trending list on Twitter…

…which annoyed a bunch of *those* people on Twitter. You know the types, “I can’t make it so I’ll be snarky about people who are there” and “I can’t go to the event and don’t want to see any posts about it but WHY have they removed me from the Facebook group?!?”

Here are some photos and tweets and that. In absolutely no particular order.


 So, it all went well but I honestly don’t know if I can handle the stress of organising another one for a while. I may joke about the lack of effort involved, but it’s that last week of panic that really does my head in.

Let’s wait a week or two and see how I feel, looks like a lot of folk on Twitter have said they’ll organise their own meets. Although they’re gonna need to make up their own regional sounding name. Can’t have West Country folk saying Meetoop, they can’t even say Cornetto properly.

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