Alphabetisation Attempt Alpha

Posted: Mar 16, 2017 in Fudgecrumpet
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So I have my list for my blogging A to Z. Yay me!

This photo is unrelated. I just wanted to show off my fancy glasses.

Some of these are very vague to allow me to be lazy, others are worryingly specific and might require me to put a lot of effort in.

Here you go…

A. Alphabetisation Attempt Alpha

B. Burger Press

C. Comics what I like and that.

D. Dog

E. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (Fun with Tinnitus)

F. Fish and Chips

G. Gargling

H. Hobbit Marathon because why the hell would someone do that?

I. I, Fudgey

J. Jam then Cream (An ongoing argument about scones)

K. Kola with a K (and other Krimez)

L. Lazy Nonsense

M. Movies Mended By Modern Marvels

N. New Things and Why They Are Wrong

O. Odd-Bods

P. Penis

Q. Quest

R. Robocop Reviews Rollercoasters

S. Shampoo

T. Transformers (Robots in Actually Quite Pisspoor Disguises)

U. Uvula (I have a video endoscope and it was either this or shove it up my arse)

V. Video Games and such

W. What the Hell?!?

X. X-Men – oh I dunno putting the movies in order or something.

Y. Yawn

Z. Zombies doing Zomething

Aaaand that’s your lot. I’m actually quite excited.

If you want to encourage me, I am still looking for Patreon donors (I imagine I could offer some sort of bonus content or something) and I always look forward to moderating your comments and deleting anything remotely negative.


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