Fudgey Reviews – LEE STAFFORD ‘No Strings Attached’ Cordless Straighteners

Posted: Apr 4, 2017 in Fudgecrumpet
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I was sent some hair straighteners to review because for some reason I am considered a professional authority on beauty products. This may be because I am so beautiful.

These are some LEE STAFFORD “No Strings Attached” Cordless Straighteners. For making your hair straight. Which is something people like doing.

So there you go. In a fabulous shade of pink. It’ll match my frilly knickers so I can’t complain.

Whaddya get in the box…?

  • Hair Straighteners
  • Base Unit
  • Wire
  • Protective Mat
  • Case

So one thing the box makes very clear via an angry sounding text box is that these are not rechargable or cordless straighteners. What you need to do with them is plug them into the base so they warm up, after which you get up to 15 minutes of hotty hotness before they need plugging back in to warm up.

This is fine by me, because it took me literally 2 minutes to straighten my hair, but Gem had no problem using these either and she has loads more hair than me. She won’t play along and let me show a photo of her on here though because she thinks this whole blog thing is a waste of time and effort. She might be right but there you go.

Here is me before I straightened my hair (which is really easy to do and I only burned my fingers once but that was my own fault)…

And this is me after. See how straight and fabulous and happy my hair looks. Hm.

You can use the straighteners cordless, warming them up from the base or if you prefer to go old school you can plug the wire into the straighteners and use them normally. Gem tells me these are just as good as her GHD ones, which is good because those GHD ones were ruddy expensive.

The straighteners warm up to 230°C, but Gem won’t let me cook bacon on them. She is harsh.

Anyway, they’re quite good. Go and buy some if you want. Obviously they won’t make you look as good as I do, but you can at least look better than you do now.

The Lee Stafford ‘No Strings Attached’ Straighteners are available from Amazon and probably all the other places you’d normally buy hair straighteners, I dunno Currys or Woolworths or whatever.

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