Posted: Jun 1, 2017 in Fudgecrumpet
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P is for Penis.

I was dreading writing this post, on account of me trying my best, apart from the odd eff or jeff, to keep this blog around the PG/12A level. 

Looking back I realised that I had my way out, having done THIS video to save myself similar awkward explaining. 

So, enjoy this video which I made with the help of cashing in too many favours with internet people…

Please do like, subscribe, leave a comment etc. Apparently that helps somehow. Unless it’s a mean comment. Don’t leave a mean comment.

All that remains is to say thanks to everyone who joined in, apologies to the two people who joined in and didn’t get included because my editing app decided not to like their video formats.

Check out my TwitterFacebook and Instagram. Following me on all of those makes me look super fancy to people who want me to do blogging assignments, so I get cool stuff to write about.

Chuck me a slice of hard cash here, so I can buy an ice cream or a playstation VR headset.

Help me make more of this sort of high effort nonsense by contributing to my Patreon. I am going to start doing more Patreon-exclusive stuff, but it’s a little bit pointless when I only have one Patreoni.

So there you go. Penis.


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