Issues. (Twitter, Mucus)

Posted: Aug 30, 2017 in Fudgecrumpet
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Hello again. Yes, I know it’s been ages and you’ve been throwing words like ‘missed’, ‘you’, ‘like’, ‘a’, ‘fat’, ‘man’, ‘misses’ and ‘cake’, but I’ve been incredibly busy lazy and important couldn’t be arsed so haven’t been able to write anything here for a while (you didn’t even notice I was gone).

So, anyway, I’m back and writing things and words and such again so you can rejoice and do that little happy dance like my daughter does when she has strawberries.

What have I been up to then?

1. I embarrassed my good pal Alec by sending him a rubber vagina while he was at the TF Nation convention.

2. I continued my Twitter Choose Your Own Adventure thing, and nobody has told me to stop yet, so I’ll assume it is liked.

3. I watched an awful lot of awful CGI shark movies, and quite honestly have no memory of doing so.

4. Stopped tweeting as much because the Twitter Android app updated and decided not to let me tweet. I’m obviously not off Twitter because that would be mad, it just means I’m only tweeting important things.

5. Somehow gave myself a mucus-covered swollen uvula from eating too much liquorice.

6. I shaved off my beard and then grew it back because I looked like a dollop.

7. Other things too boring to bother you with.

What have you been up to? Why not leave a comment for me to ignore or send me a message or something for me not to read.

I’m off for a coffee now, but I’ll be back tomorrow with some sort of AWESOME INTERWEB CONTENT. Unless I am busy lazy or important can’t be arsed.

Love you x

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