Weekend Box Feat Snazaroo! (A Failed Parenting Blog Review)

Posted: Sep 17, 2017 in Fudgecrumpet, Kids, parenting
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Hey peeps, something bad happened.

I arranged to be sent Weekend Box’s new mini-weekend box featuring Snazaroo face paints so I could review it, and… well…

So, basically what was sent was a small face painting kit, along with a bunch of small activities and such (y’know, for kids), and since it was addressed to Meg (7), and I hadn’t warned Gem beforehand it was coming… Meg got there first.


Now I don’t know exactly what happened, all I know is that when I arrived home, Gem wasn’t best pleased, the kids were in towels after baths and very little remained of the expected activity kit.

So with that little exciting backstory in hand, I’m going to attempt to review the Weekend Box Snazaroo kit using only the remnants of what can only be described as a disaster and third-hand accounts of the events that occurred.

Obviously other reviews of this product on the parental bloggery web have photos of kids with expertly done face paint smiling in front of a door like some kind of smug little child weasels. I can’t do that, see above, and taking a photo of my kids just out of the bath with slightly yellow tinged fingers, like they’ve been smoking 200 Marlboro Lights, isn’t really the kind of content I want to be uploading.

What I have gathered from historical evidence (and googling parent blogs for reviews of the same product by people who have kids with a modicum of self-control) you get a pack of 3 face paints, along with a set of three stamps with which is make a tremendous mess which by some twisted logic means you have to sleep on the sofa for a night. Yellow is definitely one of the colours, as evidenced by the kids’ yellow hands. Green is another, as they don’t like green and that face paint block remained unused. I had to google what the other colour was. It was red. The colour of rage.

I can imagine these Snazaroo paints are child-friendly and don’t stain tables or whatever, although clearly the yellow hands are caused by some kind of shenanigans that got Gem cross. The kitchen was clean after they’d finished though, which is an improvement on the time they made cornflour slime, which we do not discuss.


Look, the leaflet even says it washes off easily. So, the kids must have really gone mad. I do understand why Gem was mad. Not entirely sure why it was my fault, but everything always is, so there you go.


And oh, look! It’s Mumsnet rated. That’s a good thing, unless you have a completely rational hatred of that damned ninny website. There probably was a competition too, I didn’t see it. You could probably win more face paints and nights on the sofa.

The packaging also included all manner of puzzles and stuff, but besides the brief moment of time I had to take photos before Gem furiously dumped it in the bin, I haven’t had chance to see what the puzzles and such were, so let’s take a guess and assume it’s a maze, a spot the difference and a colouring in page. Let me know in the comments if I’m right.

So, if you want to have some sort of unnatural disaster happen at your house, head across to weekendbox and send £2.99 their way. Make sure you have a less angry missus, and maybe some wet wipes. Check out the other Weekend boxes too, which are much less messy and quite possibly would make your missus less angry.

I’m going to go and do some sort of chores and maybe buy her some flowers to try and get back in her good books now.

Love you bye x

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