Orville and Ducks. Not Orville The Duck. (Some sort of TV review)

Posted: Sep 27, 2017 in Fudgecrumpet, spoof, Star Trek, tv
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Hello. I’ve been watching telly. Here are my thunkings.

Star Trek – Discovery… was alright.

I can see why it would annoy a lot of the rabid fans. It demands you have pre-knowledge of loads of Star Trek stuff, but also that you forget the all important stuff like continuity or happiness.

Also, the 3D walking-about hologram phones are stupid because folk would just walk into stuff all the time.

Also, lens flare.

The Orville… is fantastic.

Imagine a sitcom, but in a ‘realistic’ The Next Generation universe, where all the technical and spacey stuff is taken seriously but all the characters are comedy buffoons. Covers some fairly heavy themes in the traditional Trek metaphor style and has some lovely effects that don’t overdo the lens flare.

The robot is fucking horrible though.

Duck Tales… got itself a remake and that is glorious.

This proves as a example of how to remake something right. David Tennant is perfectly cast as Scrooge McDuck and they’ve given all the little ducks proper voices instead of incomprehensible duck mumbles (Donald is the only character that does this now, which is fine because he’s a sailor). The new version of the classic theme tune is as awesome as ever too.

The Defenders… was a bit meh.

The big ‘event’ mashup of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist suffers from a boring villain in The Hand.

The scenes between the heroes are all great fun, and the incredibly silly Iron Fist guy gets suitably mocked, however when the baddies show up all there is are a progression of increasingly repetitive punching scenes.

And that is all the telly I watched recently. Probably. I’ll tell you if there’s anything else I remember. No, I didn’t watch the Bake Off.

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