Mancave Thing of the Day #07

Posted: Oct 6, 2017 in Fudgecrumpet
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As we continue to delve into my infinite cupboard of meaningless posessions, here’s one you’ll probably recognise…

It’s a toy Pokéball from that cartoon where a kid enslaves animals and forces them to fight other animals and apparently they like it, although they’ve never blatantly given their consent to these acts, perhaps because if they did they’d end up trapped in whatever pocket dimension is held within this device.

I bought this when Pokémon Go was just becoming a thing and then I deleted the app because it involved an awful lot of walking and everywhere near my house is uphill.

Oh look! There’s a Pikachu inside. Yay.

So we’re a week into this blog feature. Do you like it? Leave me a comment or whatever. Maybe donate to my Patreon if you want me to have some money to invest in future tat purchases.

Bye then x

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