Mancave Thing of the Day #10

Posted: Oct 9, 2017 in Fudgecrumpet
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We’ve reached double figures in my ever-growing catalogue of mostly-useless tat, and today’s useless nonsense is no exception.

It’s some sort of colourful puzzle ball thing! The coloured balls in this contraption can all move about by pushing them into the squishy sponge at the core. The goal of the game is to get every coloured ball into their correct coloured ring. I made it sound super-boring, sorry.

It isn’t difficult to do, even Gem can do it and she has absolutely no patience for puzzles. She once took an hour to do a 48 piece My Little Pony jigsaw and she was not in the best of moods.

Right, that’s your lot for today. Feel free to encourage me to gather more tat and crap for your perusal by sending me what other bloggers laughably call a tip HERE.


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