Fudgey’s Spooky Halloween Story Contest

Posted: Oct 12, 2017 in Fudgecrumpet
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WoooOooOoo spooky.


Hello. I figured it was about time I repeated the ‘success’ of my Erotic Story Contest and do something completely different but also exactly the same. It’s October though, so rather than eroticism let’s go with the Halloween theme and make it spooky. Woooo.

What does I has do?

Send me a spooky story, of around 200-300 words. It doesn’t have to be a literary masterpiece, just whatever your brain leaks onto an email. Make sure it’s spooky though, something that’ll terrify a grown man into losing his bladder control. No, I’m not just trying to make excuses for my ‘issues’.

Send all entries to Fudgeymail@gmail.com with Spooky in the subject heading. Make sure to include a name (real name, twitter name, whatever you want to go by).

Entries must be received by Thursday 26th October 2017 9pm BST.

Then what do happen?

I’m gonna have a wash and a beard trim and then post videos of myself reading each of the stories on my YouTube channel. Then, I’ll bob some sort of voting link up for you to choose your favourite.

What am I get?

I imagine there could be some sort of prize for the winner, although I don’t know what that’ll be yet. I suppose it’ll be something amazing. I’ll let you know what it is when I know.

Any hints you has?

Just do your best, I’m gonna be butchering your creative works with my terrible voice and presentation style, so feel free to put as much or as little effort as you deem necessary.

Try and keep your stories PGish, I don’t mind the old eff or jeff, but I’m gonna just embarrass myself if the story starts going on about nuns rimming each other.

Anything elses?

Tell all your friends to join in too! And your enemies! And anyone else you know! Even your mum!

Share this post, talk about it, discuss to the point where everyone just tells you to shut up.


  1. […] I can’t really start reading out your spooky stories until the kids are out of the way on account of several of you lot being dirty […]


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