An Obligatory Halloween Movie Type Blog

Posted: Oct 31, 2017 in Fudgecrumpet
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Wooooo it’s Halloween (because calling it Hallowe’en is apparently considered quite curmudgeonly nowadays) and every other interweb creator is churning out some sort of blog post about scary nonsense. Who am I to do anything different? I am not who am that thing. That’s more a rhetorical question, isn’t it? Yes.

Also, I can’t really start reading out your spooky stories until the kids are out of the way on account of several of you lot being dirty perverts.

So, let’s write something about scary movies and that, yeah?

OK. Watch this…

That’s Threads, the single most shituppery thing ever. In gruesome, graphic and horribly realistic detail this mockumentary explains what would happen if someone nuked Sheffield. It’s a nasty movie and you need to watch it once and only once. I’ve watched it twice and I’m basically ruined.

Right, now watch this…

That’s Ghostwatch, the BBC’s fake Most Haunted style show from the 90s. This managed to piss off a load of people who thought it was real and still managed to scare those of us that didn’t.

Right, what’s next?

Ooh, this requires a fair amount of time input so maybe add this playlist to your to do list…

That’s Marble Hornets, a fairly awesome and very creepy YouTube series that follows a group of friends who get messed with by that Meme-y bastard, Slenderman. Some of the entries are confusing to the point of bollocks, but there’s a general sense of what-the-fuck that really bothers me.

OK. That’s a good amount of interweb content for today. I can go back to constantly following a toddler around while she tries to reorganise my blu-ray collection.


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