…and we’re back!

Posted: Nov 22, 2017 in Fudgecrumpet
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It’s me.

My home broadband was down but it’s back now. I can interwebs again.

This picture is unrelated to anything I just randomly clicked a photo from my phone. Be grateful this isn’t my penis.

Also I made a Christmas advert because I dunno.

Also I’ve started watching the entire Hellraiser series, and I think I might have to write some words about them, although there’s been no point yet as I’ve only managed to watch the first two and they aren’t fucking dire.

Also Fudgequest , my twitter poll-based choose your own adventure game thing is still going, go and have a look.

Also, I have several posts to write and upload over the next couple of days, I apologise in advance.

Also I shaved off my beard because I was bored. No, come back! I’m sorry!

Right. Bye then.

Buy me a coffee.

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