…in which I review Pies.

Posted: Nov 23, 2017 in Fudgecrumpet
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Finally this blogging lark is paying off.

Right then. Pies. Those lovely people at Square Pies sent me a voucher so I could try their pies and then write something about them, because apparently that is what I do now.

So, for starters, I had to go to Waitrose to buy the things. To those of you who have a soul, Waitrose is like a posh Sainsburys, with lots of food from Charlie Bigham (whoever he is) and lobsters and that. It’s all very fancy and expensive and terrifying.

Each box contains four little square pies, making these ideal for parties or for eating.

I got all three flavours of pies, because science.

My favourite, obviously, is Steak and Ale, being full of meaty goodness. Not entirely sure why the colour scheme is pink. It should be a more manly colour like brown or beige. I got two lots of these, because the whole range was 1/3 off and I had to use up all my voucher because I don’t plan on going back to Waitrose ever again.

These only have 156 calories per pie, which is apparently good if you don’t like calories. I don’t mind them to be honest. These are yummy though. I ate too many of these.

The second best flavour was this Chestnut Mushroom and Borlotti Beans one.

It just tasted like mushrooms, so I really can’t comment on whatever a Borlotti Bean is. These were my mum’s favourite because she has a really bad cold and can’t taste anything, but she could taste these. She guilt tripped me too, because she wanted to take some of these to her Weight Watchers meeting, but they all got eaten. I told her she could go to Waitrose to get her own but she looked at me like I was some sort of mad person shouting goose sound effects at her.

This was the flavour I fobbed off on Gem and the kids, Spinach, Goats Cheese and Sweet Potato.

I had a small taste of these and pulled my best face, that I usually reserve for Christmas when Gem makes me eat a sprout (although for the past couple of years I’ve been palming them off onto the dog, because he’s a bloody idiot who eats everything. Except Quavers.)

Anyway, Gem liked these. The kids weren’t that keen but they made the mistake of opening the pie up and looking at the terrifying greenness inside.

Spinach isn’t a food for people who aren’t Popeye.

That’s basically it for my pie review. I don’t have an official rating system for pies yet, but for now…

Steak & Ale – 5 pie points out of 5

Mushroom and Beans – 4 pie points out of 5

Nonsense and Goat Nonsense – 2 pie points out of 5

You can only buy these pies at Waitrose at the moment, so if you know a posh person who can go in to buy them for you, you’ll have to stand around the corner, like a 14 year old waiting for someone to buy them cider. They cost about 3 and a half quid for a box of four, but they were reduced to £2.61 a box when I went in. So that was nice.

I bloody love pies.

Grown up blurb…

Proper Little Pies – all under 200 calories!

Enjoying one of the nation’s favourite dishes, the original gourmet pie, just got more convenient with the launch of Square Pie’s exciting range of new frozen little pies into Waitrose stores across the country.

Proper Little Pies are all under 200 calories and come in three delicious flavours: Chestnut Mushroom & Borlotti Bean; Spinach, Goats Cheese & Sweet Potato and Steak & Ale.

Every pack contains four Proper Little Pies, making them ideal for a snack, a lighter lunch or, with the festive season just around the corner, to share with friends for the perfect party snack.

Proper Little Pies are frozen so that all the fresh tasty goodness is locked in. Fill up your freezer and create that perfect pie moment in less than 20 minutes. Plus, the kids will love them too!

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