Star Wars – The Last Jedi… My Thoughts

Posted: Dec 30, 2017 in Fudgecrumpet
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A bit later than most internet based nerd idiots, I saw The Last Jedi this week. Here is my review.


Yeah, it was alright.

  1. Good summary…mine would include:
    First 15 mins (prefilm) reminiscing about the old Pearl & Dean music for the ads,
    Movie starts…John Willliams score instantly takes me back to 1977 although the Chapter Scrawl always makes me think of Space Balls,
    10mins realise I lost the arm rest battle and have neither one as husband and other guy have claimed them,
    45mins in husband complains his bum’s already numb,
    1 hr in find husband has demolished the whole pack of Revels including the coffee cremes which he hates without having had a single one,
    1 hr 25min find he’s eaten most of the skittles too,
    1hr 50mins threaten to shove the empty drinks bottle he’s fiddling with up his dark side,
    2hrs realise I can’t feel my backside and start fidgeting on seat to try and get comfy, in doing so I realise how close the other guy is now sitting,
    2 hrs 35mins it’s over and done with…notice the babysitter called 35mins ago and again 10mins later
    – Panic!
    2 hr 40mins Panic over, youngest just wanted to say goodnight (now asking 20 questions about where you are and complaining that you didn’t take them),
    3+hrs Sat in Pizza Hut trying to explain to non-Star Wars fan husband the timeline of the movies and 20mins of that was explaining that, Rey isn’t Jyn from Rogue one – Note: I have also had to explain that Neo isn’t Neil as he thought his name was and then spend a further hour listening to why The Matrix no longer makes sense…

    p.s. Chewie should have eaten his roasted Porg (preferably whilst wearing an Ewok blanket).

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