Tooth-Ow-sand 18.

Posted: Jan 2, 2018 in Fudgecrumpet
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Hi there.

So, it’s 2018, the Christmas period is nearly over (because it doesn’t end until after the 9th, my birthday, obviously) and whatever turkey leftovers that remain are now unfit for human consumption except for dares.

“How was your Christmas?” becomes the new greeting for everyone who has nothing interesting to say. The weather is either depressingly moist or inconveniently icy, it’s all a pile of arse.

Yeah, I’m grumpy. I have toothache.

Toothache is a bastard. Yes, it is all my fault for not brushing my teeth properly when I was younger, I know, but still. Fuck toothache.

Obviously, my mouth is the kind of idiot that decides one of my fillings isn’t man enough to live inside my face and instead chooses to make the nerve beneath the filling exposed and vulnerable to tickling by any liquid inside my mouth. Then it decides to start kicking in like a bitch on Boxing Day, knowing full well that the dentist is on holiday.

So, I can’t drink coffee, my life-blood, I can’t eat anything too liquidy in case it splashes on the tooth and annoys it. I’m just a grumpy bugger who can’t eat the fancy yoghurts he bought himself.

Seeing the dentist this afternoon. He’ll fix it.

Then I can write about my new PlayStation VR and you can be all impressed.

But for the moment, fuck off my mouth is sore.


Mouth is less sore now. Dentist was lovely. I have to go for a root canal thing on the 18th. So that’ll be fun.

I can drink coffee again. Yay.

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