We Made Buns!

Posted: Jan 7, 2018 in Fudgecrumpet
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Hey look! It’s a family based cooking blog post! Because there aren’t enough of those bloody things online!


Don’t worry though, I’m not here to preach the benefits of a high quinoa diet or wax lyrical about vegan penguins or whatever, I’m just reviewing bun cases.


These are Vremi ‘Totally Baked’ Baking Cups, reusable silicon bun cases packaged in a box that is covered in dreadful maruanjia based puns. I got these to review just before I couldn’t be arsed doing blog posts anymore. So three months or so later, I made buns.

Blogging is effort, people.

We made these bun kits, because people keep buying us bun kits for some reason. (Thanks Mum and Alec!)

From the depressingly bad Snowman sequel, we have the Snowman & the Snowdog chocolate muffins…

And this is Shopkins, some sort of money vacuum toy franchise.

Anyway, a review of the bun cases… yeah, they work fine. As bun cases. For buns.

Look. Buns.

Don’t mock the presentation, my kids did that and I will fight you.

Bun cases. So there.

You can buy these bun cases from Amazon if you want.

Also, don’t eat a load of rice paper then find a bit of cardboard and think it is rice paper and eat it. That is the moral to this story.

Professional review.

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