Business Twitchery Survey Resulting Wake-Up Solitaire Surgery.

Posted: Jan 29, 2018 in Fudgecrumpet
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I always seem to start these blogposts with an apology for not writing something sooner, but it is becoming such a regular non-event that I am just gonna say you get blogposts when I bloody get round to it, stop nagging. Or nag more. Or pay me. Right? Good.

Anyway, I’ve been busy. What have I been doing? Sitting on my arse playing video games. That’s not busy, that’s the opposite of busy. That’s what people do to not be busy. I say shush.

I’ve been trying to grow my Twitch channel, and that requires doing playing video gamings and that is a thing that people do now. What is Twitch? It is a live video streaming service primarily used by gamers to broadcast stuff and if you do enough activity and get enough viewers then you can start using it to make money, in a much easier to understand and less impossible than YouTube does. I’m not quite at that stage yet, but I’m under the impression if I keep playing loads I’ll get there. This does mean I occasionally have to fill my time streaming the most boring internet content since that airline did an six hour mannequin flight.

So, the goals I have to reach involve getting 100 followers (that’s where you come in), stream about 8 hours of gaming over 30 days (that one’s on me) and have a stream with 3 viewers at some point (that’s where you come in again. And two of your friends. But that’s enough nagging about a social media network that you have never heard of because you’re more than likely a middle aged Englishwoman who pronounces scone correctly and doesn’t like Marmite. But still, go and follow me.

Hey Fudgey, how do you get to do all your tweeting, write a potentially award winning choose your own adventure story (not been nominated or it would win, shush), work countless hours, parent 3 kids, cook tea, do a half-arsed job of the washing up, and whatever else you do without falling asleep or turning into a coffee fuelled ragebasket?

I have started eating these Caffeine and L-Theanine supplements from Focus Supplements. Not only is there the standard caffeine wake-up kick, there’s also L-Theanine which is supposed to calm you down and prevent you from being a jittery mentalist.

These are better than the previous wake-up/diet supplements I tried as they don’t make me awake to the point of being able to see into the 14th dimension.

They seem to make a point of saying these are vegetarian, so I always make sure the accompanying meal I eat when I take my 2 tablets a day is full of meat. Because meat is great.

What better way to prove the effectiveness of these supplements than to see me successfully performing brain surgery with absolutely no training or hygiene?

Right, I have assured the people who sent me these to try that you would all click the link to their Amazon page, and give these a try. They seem to work for me, or I’m asleep and actually dreaming. Which would explain the eight-foot-long caterpillar on the sofa, eating Ice Cream flavoured Monster Munch from the 90s which definitely existed.

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