Posted: Feb 4, 2018 in Fudgecrumpet
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Shockingly, this blog doesn’t make any money. It probably could if I figured out how adverts worked or something, but basically I’m doing this for fun.

When the opportunity arises to blag freebies, however, I’m as cheeky as I could possibly be. So when the incredibly lovely Stroopwafel World followed me on Twitter I jumped at the chance to offer a review of their stuff. Surprisingly, they were happy to comply and a few days later a box was left in my shed by that lovely man from Hermes.

I was expecting a pack of Stroopwafels, because… well, Stroopwafel World do Stroopwafels. What arrived was so much more awesome.

See? I should be raking in the cash with clickbait writing like that. Yeah.

Look at this massive box!

“What’s in the box? WHAT’S IN THE DAMN BOX?!?” I hear you ask in as loud a voice as a middle-aged woman can manage.

There were Stroopwafels. Many Stroopwafels. A whole 4 days worth of Stroopwafels. Because I may have eaten them all already.

But not just Stroopwafels, no.

There was also this…

It’s only bloody Stroopwafel booze! Yeah, I didn’t know that existed either. But it does exist. Look. Yeah. More on that below.

“What is a Stroopwafel?” Asks the middle-aged woman at the back.

A Stroopwafel is a caramel filled wafer biscuit. You’re supposed to put it on top of your cup of coffee so the caramel inside melts and you’re left with a lovely melty-middle biscuit to eat and digest and then poop out several hours later. Too much? Hmm. My point being they taste lovely and if you disagree I will fight you.

But now I’ve got you all intrigued, you want to know what the booze is like. Well, in short, it is the dictionary definition of sweetness. I later learned that you’re not supposed to drink this neat because nobody wants itchy teeth. As an alcoholic syrup added to coffee, though, it is perfect.

That was my adventure into the world of Stroopwafels, thanks to my new best friends at Stroopwafel World, your one stop shop for all things Stroopwafel.

Not only can you get Stroopwafels and Stroopwafel booze (3 different types!), there’s all manner of mad Dutch food that I have never heard of, which is mostly biscuit based, but also there is some cheese.

Go and have a look at their site, buy their stuff (which has the Official Fudgecrumpet Seal Of Approval, if that were a thing) and tell all your friends and their mum.

Follow them on Twitter too, for regular Stroopwafel news and facts and such.

I’ve said Stroopwafel a lot in this blogpost. I’m not even sorry. I’ve also been made aware that Stroopwafels are quite possible the closest thing to a ‘fudge crumpet’. So that’s cool.


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