Happy St David’s Day to all you Welsh people (and people called David, I would imagine)!

Those lovely people over at the British Leek Growers Association sent me a big pile of food to cook one of their healthy recipes, so that is exactly what I did.

I decided to make Katriona Macgregor’s Pan Roast Chicken with Leeks, Cider & Chorizo, and for some reason i thought it would be a good idea to live stream my cooking.

Check out the recipe over at britishleeks.co.uk and if you’d like, why not join in with the cooking at home?

It obviously has to taste better than it looks… but presentation has never been my strong point.

…but how did it taste?

It tasted lovely, is how it tasted. Despite how much of a mess I made on the stream, this is really easy to cook and I think it is probably quite healthy.

This is the first time I’ve willingly eaten leeks, and I can honestly say I liked them. This is big news coming from a manchild who doesn’t eat his vegetables without pulling a face.

If you get a minute too, please have a look over at the BritishLeeks.co.uk site, which is jam packed (I don’t think there is any jam) with all sorts of leek-based recipes, tips, advice and fun facts. Although the fun facts really aren’t very fun. Unless you really like leeks.

If you like my cookery nonsense, or just want to say hi, please leave a comment.

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