This week I thought I’d try my hand at being a YouTube Gamer Type Person, by doing a daily video chronicling my attempts to be slightly competent at a video game. That said game involves shooting a baby in the arse is nothing to do with this decision.

I learned several things.

1. Video games are messed up nowadays.

2. I don’t have the patience to stick to a daily video release schedule. I did manage to restrain myself to 2 videos a day but I would have released more if I wasn’t working round my phone’s space restriction.

3. Video editing is the worst thing ever and I hate that is makes me into a furious monster not dissimilar to The Incredible Hulk. But like when he had a beard from Prelude to Planet Hulk.

Anyway, I played the Playstation VR game The American Dream, a brutally on-the-nose satire of American gun culture. In this game you are expected to perform every single task possible by a human (including sexual intercourse and wiping your bum) with a pair of guns permanently in your hands. It’s all quite fun and very silly, but I’ll leave that to you to decide. I don’t feel confident in my gaming to consider myself a game reviewer, I’m probably as inept as that guy who couldn’t play Cuphead.

Here is the playlist, the episodes get gradually longer as they go on, which has nothing to do with me getting bored editing them down at all. No. I did my best to either speed up or cut out the boring bits, and I attempted to overcome real life Fudgey’s crippling shyness to do as much talking as possible.

So there’s that. If you liked it or didn’t hate it, please leave a like, subscribe to my channel and leave a comment (I had to disable comments on the sex episode because the keywords were attracting all the pornbots).

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