Here’s some stuff I have been inflicting on my mind this week. Weird stuff. Check it out while I have a sit down.

This movie, Bunraku

It’s a 2010 movie set in a future without guns where everything is made of origami and someone called Gackt exists.

I have no clue what happened in this movie, but I enjoyed it immensely.

Get it from Amazon if you want to share this experience with me.

This book, Ant-Head – A Love Story...

This is a very self-referential, meta, bonkers story about a bloke who doesn’t have an ant-head for a head.

That’s pretty much all I’m going to say about that right now because I have a headache.

Get it from Amazon if you like that sort of feeling.

The Special Features on the DVD of 1998’s Lost In Space remake.

So there you go.

Right, so that’s what’s been messing with my noodle this week. Why not comment with something that messes with your internal logic buffers and causes your ears to drip wax like one of those giant candles you light to keep wasps away from your barbecue.

Oh, it is the warmest day of the year and everyone is having a bastard barbecue. Stop it. Eat your food inside, cook it with your kitchen things. Stop it.




Buy Me a Coffee, I’m grumpy.


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