Movie Cloggage

Posted: May 6, 2018 in Fudgecrumpet
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I was sorting out my DVD and Blu-Ray collection this afternoon while pretending to tidy up and discovered a good 30+ movies that I have bought and not watched (or started to watch and fell asleep after 10 minutes). Basically I need to unclog this blockage before I can even justify to myself buying any more things not to watch.

So I made a list. And I will watch all of these movies and write something on my blog about them, because that will give me a) something to write about on here and 2) incentive to work my way through a list that is a good 30% trash if not worse.

So here’s the list. I’m not gonna watch them in order because that would mean doing a shark movie marathon and I’m not prepared for that, also Gem wants to watch Crimson Peak tonight and that’s right near the bottom.

So, that’s gonna be an ongoing thing. Nag me if you like or if you don’t or if you are indifferent.

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