Because I am a PROFESSIONAL LIFESTYLE BLOGGER I get to apply to review all manner of random cool things. They never reply, but fortunately I also apply for really boring things too, which is why I now present to you my review of the Calibre Products Posture Corrector for Men and Women.

Insert appropriate title photo here.

So, I’ve had all manner of back aches and such lately, mostly because I’ve been lugging around a massive toolbox (fnarr fnarr) for work (oh) and doing all those things that they teach you not to do in those manual handling courses they send you on for health and safety training but that bit is the last bit just before lunch and there’s a free hotel buffet and all the other engineers attending are bigger than you so you don’t pay attention because all you’re thinking about is if there will be any beef and onion sandwiches left when you get there or will you be forced to make do with tuna paste.

Anyway, the moral of this story is bend with your knees, don’t twist yourself and don’t carry a massive toolbox up four flights of stairs when you know you only need a screwdriver.

Respite comes, however, thanks to this posture corrector that I have best described as a ‘backpack but without the storage capability’.

It fits like this…

And in this photo I’m clenching my bum and giving off a sexy look so look at this…

And yeah, it fits like a backpack (double-strapped, because that is how the cool kids wear them) and is really quite comfortable. It doesn’t have any rigid parts dragging you into a correct posture, the straps gently persuade you to stand or sit properly, like a nice old lady moving you to the correct post office queue because you’re accidentally waiting at the bureau de change window to post a box of nonsense to a giant.

The posture corrector is for both men and women (Gem refused to try it on for a photo because “shut up Alan”), and also makes you look a bit like a 1980s cop from the telly with a gun holster. Which is probably the best reason to have one of these.

You can buy it from Amazon if you want. I would recommend this, because you look a bit wonky.

Five Spines out of Five.


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