Posted: Jun 20, 2018 in Fudgecrumpet
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We went to see the Foo Fighters in concert doing singing and that. It was alright.

Gem says I looked bored but I just don’t like the whole arm waggling thing that concert people do. But I enjoyed it.

Here is my attempt at doing a live stream on my Twitch channel, which got cut short when the wifi went screwy (I imagine because of everyone doing bloody snapchat or whatever)…

You can get some idea of how loud it was from that, the bloke who looks like Lawrence Llwellyn-Bowen likes to shout and scream a lot, and looks like he is close to keeling over from a heart attack at all times.

Other highlights from the band include the drummer, a tall blonde Peter Dinklage doing a ridiculous solo that lasted forty seven years without a rest, the keyboardist – a happier Keanu Reeves doing some sort of piano wizardry so Lawrence could sing Van Halen’s Jump to the tune of Imagine. Also, his piano was in terrible condition and he should probably use his money from this concert to buy a new one.

There were other band members too, they performed adequately.

I saw a woman get undressed and into more comfortable trousers. That was weird.

Oh, and the crazy butch lady who was trying to dance on top of me managed to spill all her mate’s pints of beers doing her ridiculous pointing and jumping dance, which amused me no end. That was probably about £20 worth of booze and he was crawling around on the floor trying to recover it. Serves them right for encroaching on my space.

The journey home was all manner of nightmarish, because the M62 was closed. This did mean I got to drive home over Saddleworth Moor with my main beam switched on all the way, which was highly satisfying.

So, there you go. Professional Gig Reviewer Fudgecrumpet.



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