Optimus Prime Superhero.

Posted: Jul 1, 2018 in Fudgecrumpet, Transformers
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It’s a new month and I’ve tidied out the mancave, so I figured I’d do that irritating thing that bloggers do. No, not that, or that. OK, I’d do ONE of the many irritating things that bloggers do, and that is the month of inane, rushed daily blogs that make for a blog-a-day challenge.

So, Day One, here is Optimus Prime Superhero, drawn for me by my lovely missus, aged 30ish.


Notice the safety dust mask, the semi-transparent shoulder pads and the inexplicable robotic penis. This has pride of place on my mancave wall, and I think in years to come this will be the sort of art that will inspire mankind.

That’s it. See you tomorrow for another inane, rushed, poorly thought out blog.


I’m really only doing this because it is too warm and my PS4 keeps overheating, so I’m sulking in the mancave. Why not click that donate link and help me raise the £350 I need to get a PS4 Pro so I can go back to neglecting my family without locking myself in the understairs cupboard.

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