America, …Fudge yeah!

Posted: Jul 4, 2018 in Fudgecrumpet
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It’s July the 4th, which only means one thing…

It’s the anniversary of the start of The Siege of Nándorfehérvár!

Oh… also some American thing.

I’ve not prepared anything for a Independence Day blogpost so I’m gonna go through my phone and post all the random bits of Americana that I have filling up my virtual SD card.

Oh look, it’s a Tim Tam, which I used on my previous blog post in lieu of a Penguin when I photoshopped that pic of Darcey. Turns out you can’t find any photos of penguin biscuits at this exact angle.

This is the American Al Terry, who is a singer from the olden days. He is probably dead, but I’m not going to check.

Er… oh.

Nothing more American than Captain America. From America.

Hmm… OOH!


Have I done enough America now? Can I go and have a cup of tea and a scone (rhymes with gone)?


Bye then x yee haw.

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