Chow Down To My Eggs.

Posted: Jul 16, 2018 in Fudgecrumpet
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We went to a big concert for a band called Little Mix at whatever they call the Huddersfield McAlpine Stadium nowadays last night. Here are some photos and some perfeshuernal gig reporting that I wrote.

So right then, for those of you who are old and don’t listen to the radio anymore because it is too silly, Little Mix are a pop band of four girls called Mick who do singing while also stretching the adhesive qualities of boob tape while jumping up and down. Imagine the video game Dead or Alive, but with singing pseudo-feminist anthems instead of punching.

The girls are

  • Mick who wears a tracksuit (Sporty Mick)
  • Mick who wears overalls (Factory Mick)
  • Mick who looks like she is going to cry (Sad Mick)
  • And Burlesque Show Nose Job Carol Vorderman Mick (Bouncy Mick)

They are stood in the wrong order here, because they are silly.

Mick is an unusual name for four girls all to have, I can only assume it is short for Michaela or Mickey or Mickopoloshamanoonoo.

So there you go. Before Little Mix came out there were a couple of support acts, Germein – a three piece Aussie guitar girl band in short shorts, and Rak-Su – some men who shouted. They were both adequate.

Oh, did I mention I had an ice cream on the way from the car to the stadium? I did. Fancy ice cream at that – Gelato. My flavour choices were Sticky Toffee and Honeycomb. I think it cost like £4 though but it did come with a napkin and a little spoon.

Highlights of the gig include…

Bouncy Balls. These were quite terrifying.

A whole mess of paper nonsense. Like if you were caught in an explosion in a party popper factory.

Awesome fireworks that I didn’t take a photo or video of but here is me discovering that my phone camera does stupid filters.

Of course, I enjoyed all this nonsense and the music was alright, but the target audience both enjoyed it much more, although Jess didn’t seem to appreciate me trying to embarrass her like IS MY JOB.

Also, look how freakishly tall that annoyed man is. Flipping mutants.

So, all in all, this was a very good evening out and my back is effing well killing me from doing piggy backs for three hours.

So this completely justifies my accidental purchase of the expensive standing bit at the front. Yay.


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