My Incredibly Awesome TF Nation 2018 Review

Posted: Aug 20, 2018 in Fudgecrumpet
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I went to a Transformers convention at the weekend, because I am cool and sexy.

I had waffles.

More an opportunity to chew the fat with some of the loveliest people in all of the world, who are all taller than me, I also spent my time buying toy robots and comics and such.

The best of which is this Mickey Mouse Optimus Prime which I really thought would be shit but it isn’t.

See? Surprisingly not shit.

I also saw a bunch of celebrities, but I wasn’t brave enough to say hi.

Two of the same guy here, must be a stunt double.

I spent a considerable amount of time playing with nerds and disguising them as terrible creatures from your sexiest nightmares.

The one on the left is the scary one.

And after all that I saw 80s icon Stan Bush doing some singing of songs from some movie that I saw.

And that was nice. I met lots of lovely people, too many to list because I’m supposed to be getting ready to the seaside, and yeah, that’s my convention review. Seaside, baby!

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