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Posted: Sep 5, 2018 in Fudgecrumpet
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Making noises is fun, and usually they just get me told off by Gem and all like “You’re in a doctor’s waiting room, you’re 38 years old, just shut up and do a Take A Break puzzle”, but once in a while some excuse comes along where I can let my inner Michael Winslow loose and I get to have a little noisy fun.

This is Soundiculous, a sound-based family party game (from the makers of Randomise) for 3-10 players aged 8+. It is great fun, and annoys the pants off of Gem to the extent that her pants refuse to come off in a much more literal sense, later in the evening.

Also, how can you not know who Michael Winslow is? You uncultured swine. He’s a flipping legend.

The aim of Soundiculous is to make a particular sound effect (chosen from a deck of cards that reads like an explosion in a random word factory) and for the other players to guess what your noise is supposed to be.

It’s all very pink, isn’t it. So, yeah, as you can see from the picture there’s all manner of different noises ranging from something easy like ‘bomb’ to something more difficult like ‘woodpecker’ (and don’t go saying “I’ll just do a Woody Woodpecker noise” because everybody under the age of 25 will just think you’re having a stroke or something)

There are three different difficulty levels, but all seemed fairly difficult for my kids, especially after we banned them doing hand movements. It’s basically charades but with sound effects and nothing remotely related to charades. So, nothing like charades. You can tell I’ve not reviewed anything in a while. I have to review some teeth whitening strips next, and I have nothing interesting to say about them. I mean, spoiler alert, they work, but they’re not very exciting. Anyway, shush, that’s for next time.

The kids enjoyed this game, obviously Darcey (2 and a half) wanted to get involved, but she is just rubbish. Cute, but rubbish.

Jess (13) and Meg (8) had a lot of fun, and after the game was finished (each game lasts about 15 mins) went through the unused cards making all manmannerner of noises. I didn’t film this, but that’s probably for the best. It was very noisy and Gem was annoyed. She gets annoyed a lot and it is usually my fault.

So, that’s your review of Soundiculous, a great family game that I imagine would be just as fun for a drunken gathering of friends, if you have any.

Buy Soundiculous on the Amazon, and pester the makers on the Twitter, Facebook and that Instant Photogram app that the women use.

Honk honk.

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