Review – Swiftwhite Premium Teeth Whitening Strips

Posted: Oct 1, 2018 in Fudgecrumpet
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This is an exciting review about a teeth whitening product. It really is. Exciting.

Right, so white teeth used to be the dream achieved only by people who paid their dentist a fortune, or those who drank tipp-ex. Now YOU too can have gloriously white teeth for only the fraction of the cost of getting some mouth doctor in a lab coat to do it for you. And this way is coconut flavour. So that’s good.

This here box of Swiftwhite Premium Teeth Whitening Strips contains 14 packets, and within each of these packets is a top row and a bottom row strip of what appears to be sellotape, covered in coconut flavoured tooth whitening goo. It tastes really nice and the tape, when applied, is unnoticeable to the general public, although they’ll probably think you’re a weirdo, running your tongue all over the strips on your teeth as you lick up the excess coconut goo. Did I say it tastes really nice?

The box for this says it is ‘enamel safe’, which is a good tooth thing. It is also ‘peroxide free’ which I imagine is great if you don’t want blonde teeth.

To use the strips you first have to brush your teeth for two minutes. I find do it with this video playing helps.

Next, apply the top and bottom strips to your teeth.

This is the before picture, I apologise for my ridiculous hair and face, it was a Monday morning.

You leave the strips on your teeth for 30 minutes, which is pretty much the amount of time my morning commute takes, so that works for me.

This is the after pic. Good god I need to sort out my nose hairs.

Then you can remove the strips and bin them. Do this for 14 days. Or about 40 days if, like me, you forget to do it and then lose the bag they were in for 10 days and then find it again and be all like oh god I’ve not written that review yet and then write the review and be all yay I wrote the review I can eat my toast now. Be like that.

So, yeah, this works, it’s decent value, tastes good, what else, oh, peeling the strips off your teeth is a really weird experience that you should all try at least once, it’s just… weird.

You can find out much more sensible information at Swiftwhite’s website, or just take my word for it and buy them from Amazon.

Right. Teeth whitening products. Yay.


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