Fudgey’s Tea Review

Posted: Oct 11, 2018 in Christmas, food, Product review, Review
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Sainsbury’s are being all festive this year and have released stupid flavoured tea because stupid people like me will go out and buy them for the novelty value like stupid bloody idiots.


Naturally, even though I am stupid enough to buy such stupid nonsense, I also know a good blog post when I see one. So, here is my review of this glorious shit.

1. Sainsbury’s Pigs in Blanket flavour Tea

Lapsang souchong teabags with sage and rosemary.

The smell! It’s like a mixture of sausages and the bit in museums where they have an interactive ‘smell’ exhibit

Very strong. May have to irradiate the kitchen.

Tastes like hot water with herbs, but the overwhelming sausage smell makes it impossible to drink.





2. Brussels Sprouts Tea

Green tea with Brussels Sprouts

Smells of tea and vegetable stock, not too strong. More tea than sprout.

Extremely bland tea, with a very distinct sprouts aftertaste. A bit like drinking ditch water or if you make a cuppa with the same water you boiled some cabbage in.





Sausage Tea is worse than Sprout Tea. At least the sprout tea didn’t fill the room with the stench of fancy pork.


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Also, shout-outs to the following people, whose replies to my tweets got screenshotted by the ‘women section’ of the Daily Mail in their article on this subject (I’m not linking because they don’t deserve it), without any credit being sent their way. Give them a follow and tell them Fudgey sent ya. Ta x

  1. SkyeWard says:

    So don’t buy the tea then? 😂 Okay I won’t.


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