Who Is The Worst Person In The World? The Answer Will Shock You! It is YOU.

Posted: Nov 6, 2018 in Fudgecrumpet
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I’ve not written a blog post in ages. I have no excuse, I’ve been lazy, busy, a terrible video game cowboy, whatever. Mainly though, I’ve not felt the need to share any of my feelings or opinions online.

TRIGGER WARNING – Big stupid, brainfart rant.

Shocking behaviour for someone constantly tweeting and with a ridiculous amount of perpetually furious internet followers, I know, but from what I’ve been reading online, every single one of you is the worst possible person that has ever existed and you should definitely be immediately put in a big Biffa bin and then set on fire.

Every blog post I have read recently is full of ‘Why Saying XXX means you are YYYistaphobe’ or how ‘Doing or Not Doing This Thing Means You Are Condemning Puppies and Orphans and The Entire World to Death From Eczema’. I’ve seen posts about how every person is racist and sexist and probably a Nazi (or equally extreme opposite) and how you’ve all been saying the wrong words and doing the wrong things and how, goshdarnit, it just makes people sad and furious and you better watch out because I have to write 6-800 words and include links to advertising after each paragraph or I’m just not doing my duty as a good online citizen. And breathe.

Oh, and probably something about Brexit and Trump. Blah blah blah.

It’s just left me with nothing but a seething rage, desperate for the nagging to stop.

What’s my point? Oh God, I don’t know anymore. I guess my point is that you’re probably not the worst person in the World, you probably aren’t sexist or racist or killing orphans with eczema. These articles that are going on about how shitty the World is, how bad every person is, how bad YOU personally are, they’re talking bollocks. They’re clickbait, designed to make you furious, to provoke a black and white argument (again with the racism, bad Fudgey!) when everything is clearly fuzzy and grey and everyone is trying to force their biased bullshit point of view down your throat.

If I were to have my way, this would be the last opinionated bullshit blog post anyone ever read, because right now I’m just pissed off with being told how to behave, what to think and why I’m wrong.

So, yeah, that’s why I’ve not been online as much. Also I’ve been busy.

Feel free to go on twitter and tell me why I’m wrong. Or, even better, tell me why I’m wrong when I’m livestreaming on Twitch, so I can bump my average viewer count up. Ta

  1. SarainLaLaLand says:

    The world is all of a sudden very sensitive to anything and everything. With EVERYBODY having a platform now, you are always going to offend somebody. There is so much pressure to say the right thing, because there is strength in numbers, even if it is a bunch of idiots. The world as it is, is not one I enjoy being part of, it’s too much bloody nonsense.


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