Obligatory Christmas Internet Content

Posted: Dec 23, 2018 in Christmas
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Right then, it’s ChristmaaaAaAas and despite weeks of blog inactivity I’m probably still expected to write a listicle or hilarious festive rant, maybe a parody song of a Christmas carol or a poorly photoshopped Santa hat on a selfie I took in September.

I don’t have any of that prepared as I have been busy buying infinite food and making a deadly version of Jenga in my kitchen cupboards, so other than thanking the lovely people who bought me presents from my Amazon wishlist (a bunch of DVDs, the Jonesy Alien comic book, countless sweets and weirdly specific pop-culture lego people) I have very little to say.

I hope you have a lovely Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, Life Day, Festivus etc, and you don’t go and do anything too silly that might get you told off.

I’ll be off Twitter during family time on Xmas Eve, Day and probably Boxing Day, so feel free to convince yourself I am actually Santa Claus and I’m much too busy spoiling all the children of the world to produce mediocre internet content.

I’ll probably be playing stuff on Twitch, though. So if you pop on there at some point, say hi. Current games of choice include Red Dead 3 (not Red Dead 2, see I know my gaming pedantry), Spider-Man, and whatever is cheap in the PS4 January sale.

Other than that, you’ve all been marvellous and I’m sure if you don’t let the bastards drag you down we’ll all have a somewhat adequate 2019.

Ciao, kemosabes.

Oh, and yes, I did add a link to the mention of my Amazon wishlist because it’s like 2 weeks to my birthday. So, there’s that.

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