The pseudoscience that lives on the internet says the human body renews itself once every seven years, so I can righteously say that on the 7th anniversary of the self-publication of my incredibly slapdash collection of blog posts and potentially funny rants, someone else wrote this shit, not me.

That said, I still get like 35p a copy every time one of you forks out £1.19 to buy a copy for your Kindle or (free) Kindle app, so far be it from me to be an internet whore, but you definitely should head across to your local branch of Amazon and get yourself a copy of a book described as “Words fail me” in a one star review by Mr K. C. Coney, Amazon’s 9,953,167th most popular reviewer, who also reviews bin bags but is disappointed when they tear open when only 3/4 full. I for one am very pleased that his kitchen floor is covered in banana peels and empty tubs of chocolate mousse.

Right, that’s it. Happy New Year, to everyone except Mr K, I assume the K stands for Kevin, Coney. You great big pointy shit. Ho ho ho.

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  1. Janet Howard says:

    Kevin Kevin who the f is kevin I love fudgecrumpet


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