New Year Resolutions 2019

Posted: Jan 1, 2019 in nonsense
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It’s a New Year and everyone has made some sort of resolution pertaining to a form of self-improvement that is either vaguely achievable with considerable effort, impossible to quantify and therefore attainable based on interpretation or just annoyingly ironic. Well, here are mine…

1. Get myself affiliate on Twitch.

I’m still struggling on this one. Turns out nobody wants to see a middle aged fat man play unpopular video games badly. That said, if you do wanna help me out, is where you need to be. Drop me a follow, and maybe click the little bell for notifications of when I’m online.

2. More of this shit.

I lost my blogging mojo in a big way during the latter half of 2018. I’m gonna try to get that back, so expect more pointless nonsense from here. I’ve been sent a bunch of blu-rays by anonymous folk from Twitter for Christmas, so I might start by writing about those. Can’t hurt, right?

3. The Fitness Resolution.

I’m a tubby bitch. Gonna try and fix that this year. Might not write about it here or on Twitter though, because I fucking hate when people do that.

4. Brush my Teeth Better.

Because everyone should brush their teeth better.

Except for people with no teeth, it’s too late for them.

5. Plan Ahead When Writing Lists So There Are More Than Three Proper Things.

Yeah, that.

So, that’s it. Happy New Year, drink plenty of fluids, eat plenty of bacon, it’s all good.

What are your resolutions? If you feel the urge to share such nonsense, there’s the opportunity below for you to leave a comment. I have to read them because otherwise the WordPress app just nags and nags.


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